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Are You Tired of The Way Your Yard Smells?

Embarrassed when neighbors come over for dinner, so you avoid the backyard altogether? With pets and artificial grass, it’s bound to happen. Not only is it embarrassing… but if you or your guests have kids, you don’t want them playing in that, right?

Most people don’t know where to turn for professional artificial grass cleaning and may underestimate the importance of it. Let us be the ones to tell you – if you don’t stay on top of your turf maintenance, both debris and bacteria will build up. Debris can include pet hair, rocks, shrubbery, and even weeds. If debris builds up, the turf won’t properly drain, the bacteria from your pet’s urine will settle, and then your artificial turf will start to smell. Artificial grass bacteria, if left untreated will continue to be pushed into the artificial grass, stick to the blades and infiltrate the infill, backing and even the base layer. And as bacteria continues to grow, it could pose health risks to your family.

We don’t want that, now do we?

With our turf cleaning service, TurFresh will keep your yard clean and smelling fresh. That way you, your dog, and your guests can enjoy your yard even more! After all, there’s nothing like a breath of fresh air, right?

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How It Works

Our artificial grass maintenance team uses our all natural TurFresh turf cleaner with BioS+ Technology to remove debris for proper drainage and protect your artificial turf from extensive odors and bacteria growth. Our TurFresh turf cleaner is made of biofriendly, all-natural ingredients, using a bioaugmentation process.

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And the best part is you can rest assured, knowing that your artificial grass will only be treated with top-quality TurFresh products that are:

Organic. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. Hypo-Allergenic. Kid & Pet Safe.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Why It Works

Whether you’ve had your artificial grass for years or you just had it installed, one of our turf maintenance plans will eliminate bacteria and keep your yard smelling fresh. Our all-natural TurFresh products organically eliminates odors from your artificial turf.

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What’s Our Secret?

It’s all in the science behind our organic BioS+ product formula. We use LIVE enzyme turf cleaning technology to neutralize and treat pet odors.

For over 10 years TurFresh has taken turf cleaning seriously, so we took the time, listened to our clients, researched, tested and perfected our custom formulated TurFresh and continued to advance the product with our very own BioS+ formula.

To treat existing odors in your artificial turf, our team uses TurFresh BioS+. It’s formulated using the latest naturally occurring organic digestive bio-enzymes that break down and neutralize artificial turf bacteria and pet odors. As it does its work, even contaminants you do not smell are eliminated. Other turf cleaning products only mask odors and can make the problem worse without even addressing other bio-hazard contaminants that linger on your turf’s surface. Our TurFresh BioS+ formula is designed specifically for artificial grass with the correct and valued concentration levels.

To prevent odors, our team uses BioFill, which is made out of a 100% natural volcanic resource from the earth. It’s different than any other artificial turf infill because BioFill is a negatively charged honey-combed molecular structure which easily absorbs the urine like a magnet. It prevents the urine’s ammonia from forming an odorous gas, which is the main cause of that unpleasant smell in your artificial grass. BioFill turf odor infill will pull any gases towards itself and hold it until sodium ion (Na+) in rain water releases the magnetism. The force of heavy rainfall will flush out the bacteria, forcing it through the turf and into the ground, making your turf virtually new again. The sodium forces the calcium ions out and recharges the BioFill when turf dries.

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Kid & Pet Safe

Our artificial turf cleaner uses our own natural LIVE enzyme technology to treat odors without harming your pets or children.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our experienced TurFresh team provides services to help restore, repair, and rejuvenate your artificial grass and keep your home healthy.

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Our Cleaning Process

Want to see how it's done? Our multi-step system and experienced team will clean, restore, and keep your turf smelling great all year round!

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Pet Professionals

Vet clinics are utilizing the power of TurFresh to ease the job of sanitizing kennels and dog runs with our LIVE enzyme technology.

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Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Cares around Southern California can agree, TurFresh is a great way to keep your facility clean and smelling fresh!

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Sports Fields

Managing football field grass repair, or any sports field, can be a hefty task. Let our knowledgeable staff make the job easier!

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