What You Get – Our 10-Point Artificial Turf Cleaning Service

We will customize our 10-point service to fit your needs, but it typically includes:

1. Artificial Turf Reblooming to Keep That Natural Look

We stand the blades of your turf back up to remove contaminated infill along with debris such as shrubbery, rocks, etc. Watch this video to see how we do it.

2. De-Compacting Infill to Improve Drainage

During the process of reblooming your artificial grass, the infill in your turf will loosen, allowing increased drainage. In extreme (and rare) cases, we apply our TurFlush system, which uses a pressure washer to flush out contaminants. *TurFlush is an additional cost.

3. Pet Hair Removal to Improve Drainage

One turf contaminant that causes a lot of problems is pet hair buildup. It is often hidden between the blades and only visible to the naked eye along the edges. We’ll remove pet hair that prevents your artificial grass from draining properly, enabling rapid growth of bacteria and unpleasant odors. Watch this video to see how we do it.

4. Edges Tucked to Original Condition

We’ll tuck any edges that may have lifted over time or need adjustment.

5. Magnet Sweep to Remove Dangerous Metal

For school or athletic sports fields only, we use a large artificial turf cleaning magnet to remove any metal contamination such as screws, pins, or needles.

6. Re-attach Raised Seams

We’ll readjust any raised seams to their original condition.

7. Removal of Weeds to Enhance Yard’s Appearance

We’ll manually remove any weeds that occur due to normal erosion and sediment. We do not spray weed killer as this puts kids and pets at risk.

8. Minor Repairs to Keep Your Turf in Tip-Top Shape

We can perform any repairs outside the normal seams and edges for an additional fee.

9. Add BioFill to Keep Your Yard Smelling Fresh

We’ll apply our BioFill product that acts as a filter for the ammonia smell in pet urine, preventing any new odors from occurring.

10. Application of TurFresh with BioS+ Technology to Remove Contaminants

Finally, we’ll apply our TurFresh bacteria fighting cleaner and deodorizer, leaving your yard smelling fresh.

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