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Are you looking for professional artificial turf cleaning, pet odor removal products to complement your business and create a great business opportunity? You can easily become a partner with TurFresh™. Our artificial turf cleaning services company is promoted through a wide network of artificial grass professionals and dog day care facilities throughout the United States, Middle East, Australia, UK and Canada.

Who Can Be a Dealer?

Dog Cay Cares. Landscapers. Turf Distributors. Artificial Grass Maintenance.

Join our network today to gain access to:

  1. Cooperative Marketing Program
  2. Fulfillment Services
  3. Strong Brand Marketing
  4. More Repeat Customers
  5. Improved Customer Retention
  6. Private Labeling Services

Not only do we offer specialized cleaning and pet odor removal products, but we can also train you to professionally apply turf cleaners for your customers. TurFresh will train you on how to make this an integral part of your business model using TurFresh as your main product line and branding partner.


Are You a Doggy Day Care Provider?

More and more dog day care facilities and veterinary clinics are becoming TurFresh dealers.

They enjoy adding value to their business through a clean facility as well as increasing revenue through product sales.

It’s a very simple process to become a dealer. Call us today at (855) 444-8873 to discuss this opportunity.

How to Become a Member of the TurFresh Applicator Team

You’ve heard a lot about the best artificial turf cleaner, TurFresh with BioS+ cleaning technology. For those of you who are on the fence, you’re missing out BIG TIME! FREE leads are being generated every day in this highly profitable niche business.

What are you waiting for? We designed this for YOU, the artificial grass professional. Artificial turf cleaning and maintenance can easily increase your income. Add this service to your existing business or make it a business by itself!

TurFresh offers a free listing of your company on our website. We will list your business information, link up to 10 of your web pages and include a “how to clean turf” video if you choose to make one.

About the TurFresh Opportunity

  1. Artificial Turf Pet Odor Removal and Cleaning is a growing niche that almost all artificial grass customers require.
  2. There is no better product or brand on the market, and turf cleaning can be a business in itself.
  3. Turf cleaning can get your business new accounts, more work, and higher profits. We’ve seen businesses get a 50% increase in sales because of the long-term relationship established with TurFresh.
  4. Artificial Turf Cleaning is a new niche business that TurFresh makes possible through its extensive marketing.
  5. TurFresh offers simple, scalable artificial grass maintenance and turf cleaning solutions for uniform and predictable results.
  6. TurFresh will not harm plants, grass, or vegetation.

Dealer Benefits

  1. Become a member of the TurFresh Team!
  2. Get FREE LEADS by obtaining a business listing on our website. When prospective customers visit our site, we educate them on TurFresh and how it solves their artificial turf problems. Then they reach out to a local professional TurFresh Applicator… that could be you!
  3. TurFresh is at the top of many Internet search results related to turf cleaning. And our name is gaining traction by word of mouth. We’ve even had some property managers ask contractors if they use TurFresh BioS+.
  4. Your business will have instant credibility and web presence for artificial turf cleaning and pet odor removal services.
  5. By cross linking our keywords and linking your web pages, your Search Engine Rankings will increase quickly in the artificial turf cleaning business.
  6. If you choose to make an artificial turf cleaning video, we will embed it into your listing which search engines also treat favorably.
  7. Use TurFresh niche products to gain market share, get new business, and be the hero in your neighborhood.

Qualifications and Rules

  1. Dealer must purchase 1 pallet of TurFresh to become a qualified applicator.
  2. Dealer must be in the business of artificial turf installation, restoration or maintenance, dog day care, pet supplies or pet facility.
  3. Dealer must have professional artificial turf cleaning equipment and/or retail location for point of purchase. This consists of a commercial grade power broom, pressure washer and surface cleaner. This equipment is needed for the application and artificial turf restoration process.
  4. Dealer has a website and agrees to publish an “Artificial Turf Cleaning” page. On this page they must link a minimum of 3 keywords over various web pages to the main TurFresh website.
  5. Dealer must be active in using TurFresh for artificial turf cleaning and pet odor removal.

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