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What makes TurFresh different from the competition?

Simple. There is no competition! TurFresh is the only experienced, professional artificial turf cleaning technology company to bring you the TurFresh BioS+ artificial grass organic enzyme cleaning system.

How much BioFill do I need for my turf?

Each square foot of artificial turf requires about ¼ to 2 pounds of BioFill. However, we are careful to not overfill your turf.

When can my pets or kids use the artificial grass?

You can use your artificial turf immediately after we perform our services. There is no need to wait since all our products are safe for kids and pets.

What is included in your service?

All our services include the products and labor necessary to achieve the objective of clean and odor-free turf. We include ¼ to 1 pound of BioFill per square foot and an unlimited amount of TurFresh.

How many square feet does the $399 service fee include.

Our price includes treatment for 400 square feet of turf surface area. Each square foot of turf cleaning surface area is $1.00 per square foot. You can measure the area yourself or we can measure it for you during our service.

How often do I need your service?

Every customer is different, but with over ten years of artificial grass cleaning experience, we know that with one dog your turf system may need to be cleaned up to 4 times a year. Many customers start with a quarterly service and adjust from there.

How do we figure out how many square feet we have?

Since we charge by the square foot, we can measure for you. The math is simple for most jobs, so we will figure it out once we do the service and charge accordingly. If you disagree with the measurements, we can perform them as many times until you are satisfied.

Do we need to be home for service?

You do not. We prefer you’re home for the first service but after you sign up for our TurfCare program, our system will automatically schedule future services depending on your personal preference of being at home or not.

What is your Warranty or Guarantee?

We guarantee our work for 3 weeks. Your dog will continue to use it as a bathroom, so we know that if the odor returns after 3 weeks it’s not from contaminants that we missed. After 3 weeks, an additional visit is 50% off original price since most of the time we just need to spray more product.

What do you do if we are not happy with the service?

We service you until you are. We are 100% customer centric and are confident in our products and methods.

Are repairs included in your price?

Repairs are an additional cost. We have a service fee of $150 plus $95 per hour for repairs.

What areas do you service?

We are based in Orange County, California but service all of SoCal, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, and the Inland Empire. We are now serving the Bay Area, Sacramento, Las Vegas and Phoenix. We also have other affiliates in Australia, Canada, UK and the Middle East.

Where can I buy your products?

You can buy our TurFresh and BioFill products directly from our website.

Who does the work?

We have our own in-house TurfTech professionals. Each TurfTech has many years of experience in the artificial turf industry and has been specially trained in our processes to confidently address any artificial grass concerns. Want to learn more about our team? Visit our About page.

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