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How to Clean Artificial Grass - See The Science

Pet odor in your artificial turf can be a nuisance. Many fresheners use a strong pleasant smell to mask bad odors, but they usually only work for a short period of time and are easily overpowered. To solve this problem, TurFresh developed its own turf cleaning technology. It’s now used throughout the world to keep artificial turf odor-free while using only non-toxic, organic ingredients to ensure pets and kids are safe.

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TurFresh Takes 3 Simple Approaches to Control Pet Odor:

  1. The fragrance in our product gives you an immediate sense of relief and reduces malodor.
  2. TurFresh’s chemical formula bonds to any existing odor molecules, counteracting and preventing the odor from being detected by the nose.
  3. We use enzymes to degrade organic matter, such as proteins, in not only artificial grass but also other areas of the backyard including concrete, pavers, walls, and planters. The odor molecules are essentially food for the enzymes, which prevents the odor from continuing at the source.

Our unique product has been proven to provide the most effective long-term odor control in both labs and our field applications.

Why TurFresh is Best for Your Turf:

  • Superior formulation with focus on complete odor eradication
  • A special, eco-friendly technology that binds to odors immediately
  • Attacks many different types of odor causing bacteria
  • Works extremely fast
  • Removes odor from the core, instead of just masking it
  • Biodegradable
  • Kid and pet safe
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A Deeper Look at How BioFill Works:

Included in our services is our very own BioFill products. Due to its porosity and specific granular size, it fits perfectly between the blades of artificial grass where odor molecules are trapped inside its structure and removed from the surrounding environment.

BioFill is:

  • Non-toxic to all pet parents, kids and pets
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmentally friendly

It works by absorbing moisture from animal waste and trapping ammonia before it has the opportunity to turn into a gas and insult your nose. The ammonia is naturally held in its specialized structure where it is not water soluble.

Ready to enjoy your clean, fresh yard again?

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