Terms And Conditions

All service invoices are due upon completion. All clients require a secured credit card on file and service is billed day of service. TurFresh offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 4 weeks after our service. Customer may change frequency of service at any time. Price may be adjusted per our frequency discounts. TurFresh is not responsible for pre-existing or future conditions of turf system, including sub-base, drains, grading, edging, weeds including performance of the blades and matting. We are not liable for any animals or other inherent risk that may or may not be associated with your artificial turf systems or our service. We are not liable for any surrounding surfaces including but not limited to furniture, carpets, pots, or plants. Customer may cancel TurfCare program at any time after one year. Customer agrees to maintain agreed upon intervals for service.

TurfCare Service Program

  • Complete brushing/blooming of entire turf blade system
  • Thorough decompacting of existing infill system to increase drainage and effectiveness of TurFresh BioS+ Feces and Urine Deodorizer
  • Removal of hair and debris buildup between turf blades
  • Thorough application of our anti-odor preventing BioFill turf infill.
  • Saturation of TurFresh BioS+ Anti Bio-Mass Deodorizer and Disinfectant Product into turf.
  • Loose turf edges re-tucked and re-secured as needed
  • Magnet Sweep if necessary to remove metal contaminants (Mostly Sports Application)
  • Re-Nail any loose seams as needed
  • Weed Removal ( No weed killer products are used)

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